About James

James was born on the 13th of July 2018 in the Jaroma Highridge Kennel in the Netherlands. He was born out of the wonderfull combination of Madam (Int Ch, NL Ch and VDH Ch Ohiniya Legendary Kissing Art) and Buks (Int & Multi Ch Evergraces League of Legends Jax).


James his character is typical Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is very kind and easy going with people who are familiar to him. But like a true Ridgeback he is reserved to strangers. James is also a true watcher. No chance a stranger can enter our house or garden when we are not around.

James is a true spitfire and always happy. He is always in for a game with toys or his brother Gandor. He is full of energy. James does have a good bone and is very muscled (but in a good proportion). He never gets tired of running and chasing rabbits. He truly loves to hunt and has a high hunting drive.

In house James is relaxed. He is not quickly scared of anything. He doesn’t give any reaction to fireworks or thunder. This makes him also a good house dog.